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Wow, this is a PR disaster. That's DeLuca's girlfriend who got that pilot, not his sister. Naked girls making. Something must have happened. Sarah drew naked. Karen Gillan 31 Tits, Ass. She is one pointless character. And it's been like this almost every character, particularly the ones that didn't get fired. Laura Haddock 33 Full Frontal. I wanna know what really went down.

Shonda killed the 5 biggest OTPs of this show: I was truly looking forward to that and now we will never see it. Whoever their PR teams are, they suck at their jobs. Tracey cherelle jones and tamala jones. She probably just wanted all the twitter glory she could get. I've been keeping my eye out for news that Sarah was leaving for her own show, because after Krista said Amelia's post-trauma behavior didn't make sense and needed to be explained away with a tumor, but then gave April the same old Amelia behavior for basically the same trauma, I pretty much knew they were writing her out.

I assumed she'd left. Yeah no I think you're right. I'm a fairly new ex-christian, and although I know this is just a drama, I really wanted to watch her go through what I am sort of still going through.

She is hilarious when she gets to geek out. I was really hoping for Japril and to fire her is just shit, especially with so little notice. I feel betrayed and empty. But I did not expect her to be fired and blindsided like this. Unless she's going to be the token lesbian representation.

It's like they don't even want to try. I stand by that prediction. Crystal milana nude. Jessica and Ellen seem to be on great terms I see them in each other's Insta stories a lot. I believe you that they are, but that's one bad investment. From what leaks bts, Grey's is basically teen movie about high school levels of clicky and Maggie is the center of one of the in crowds.

They keep repeating Owen's storyline for almost all seasons he has been on. Others are accusing Sarah of being a hypocrite since so many of her fans and Jessica Capshaw's fans have "attacked" Ellen Pompeo Meredith Greyblaming her for the two actresses leaving the show at the end of Season But I guess we will see, I wasn't sure the show could survive Cristina leaving.

How can they do April wrong like this?? Why did they bring Sophia back to Arizona if she'll be gone after this season?

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It makes her story come full circle. I assumed she'd left. Nude photos of joan collins. Wtf so many questions. Sarah drew naked. For me, April is kind of carrying the show currently!!

If it was only about boring storylines a lot of other characters should have been gone long ago. This seems so off to me.

It's been one of the best in a while. After every new episode the vast majority of social media and fan reactions seem to be about April, the viewers are really engaged with her but I guess TPTB don't care? April fans are the loudest and they decide to fire her?! My only character left that I care about is Amelia. Related categories In Celebrity Buzz - Indivisible. There are so many useless characters, and they decide to fire the fan favourites.

Agreed, and I think Sarah's post going so viral is only going to make things worse for life in Shondaland. Her being a minority would be my first guess. Aletta ocean xnxx video. The show is ri Ning out of intersting characters. After all those years and Shonda fireing people whenever she saw fit, I am not even sure any more how some of it really played out. April Kepner was the most stable character through the clusterfuckery of asinine storylines we've been served over the past few years.

Dawn Robinson 50 None. I wonder what happened?? Shonda killed the 5 biggest OTPs of this show: To be fired so senselessly after 10 years of devoting their life to a show and characters? Fans are not happy about that. Oh I also won't be able to enjoy the rest of the season as much knowing this Rachael Neiberding 31 Lingerie.

Let her write a SciFi novel! It is just soooo boring. Ellen, Shonda and Kristen love Jesse Williams too much.

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OMFG, I've just looked at it. And Shonda tweeting like it's a regular night "Retweet if you're live tweeting tonight" just shows her as being clueless So I really don't know if I will stick around unless they make me suddenly care about hijab doctor. Nathaniel parker nude. This is fucked up. Sure, Meredith and Alex and maybe Jackson had to stay but they literally could've picked everyone else.

I didn't think the show would survive either, but looking back, I think it had a far better chance than in this situation, with hardly any of the original cast, the majority of the bulk being made up of interns, and the knowledge that not only is April leaving but Arizona will be as well. I think I'm done. Are there any nude pictures of Sarah Drew? Bailey and Owen have had the same storylines recycled for seasons. If there is no hope of seeing Jackson half naked then I really will stop watching.

Im guessing she will just disappear and no one will ever hear from her again. Does that make sense? But they are shifting the "Grey" from Meredith to Maggie, and creating a dynasty from Jaggie. But Grey's doesn't have a plot.

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Sexy medium tits Jowita Budnik 45 Tits, Ass.
Free lesbian porn sight They were both fired:
Giant tits pornstars I was reading some of the tweets, and all Krista seems to care about is that Ellen is getting some flak over this.
Virtual reality sex game And I suspect that they will do it, because Catherine has already proven that she is more than willing to steal a child from it's mother and doesn't give a damn about April.
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