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What's all this feeling sorry for them talk? Folsom is a great time to try something for the first time. Sexy girls topless pics. Like I said if it were straight people fucking and pissing on each other in public I'd be just as grossed out.

Were you at the FolsomStreetFair? A post shared by Erik Edward dirk on Sep 25, at 1: Many sexual behaviors can be examined as psychological trauma, but gay men only embrace that when it disagrees with their own. Little did I realize then they were on DL! They should just call i what it is: None of it turns me on? Or men feel sorry for women? Do ask permission before taking photographs — no matter what.

Stop being such prisspots. Folsom street fair nude pics. It makes sex looks mechanical and perfunctory. And he looks like he might be in his 20s or 30s.

And there may be one or two from Jamie Thrower 's Dore Alley photos. Someone's out there laughing at you too! Not something I'd actively participate in doing. Where are the frontals? It's the sorry assed queens who think this shit is edgy, avant garde, and cutting edge trend setting. It's just tight clothing. Friends have access to more explicit photos.

Fool yourself all you want, it's not a good look. Chanel cresswell nude. I always feel sorry for these people. And that's a good thing. Sorry but I don't see how dressing in ridiculous get ups and blowing and fucking each other in the street while the straights laugh and take pictures has anything to do with being gay, if these were straight people doing this I'd think they were just as nasty.

Where's your gay pride? I rather doubt it. A post shared by Jason Jervis jasonjervis on Sep 25, at 9: Sadly, gay people think they are special. Sorry but fisting is literally a trauma on the body.

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Thanks to everyone for visiting my Flickr site!

A person that allows themselves to contract a once fatal, now life-long debilitating disease because they were either too stupid or off their face on some illegal substance to use a condom isn't one that I want to have sex or form a meaningful relationship with.

Everyone including and especially the event organizers stresses the importance of consent — of asking first before you touch. Hot chicks half naked. I WON'T google pics. Folsom street fair nude pics. But for me, it all seems like a distraction. As someone said up thread - Halloween with bondage.

You are probably a bottom who doesn't respond to them on other men. A friend of mine went to Folsom this year and said he had a great time. Go to mobile site. You know that you're invisible in real life, so you write these bitter screeds about people who don't that are you alive, and wouldn't care about you if the had the misfortune to encounter you. Check out photos from the fair and add a few of your own in our slideshow below: There was even a "Looking" episode with the guys, none who were into that scene, buying some leather items to wear to Folsom.

Early members of the group, while not hiding their masculine features or facial hair, are characterized by San Francisco gay community historian Susan Stryker as the embodiment of "genderfuck". Tumblr light bondage. And there are hundreds of hot guys there -- you just have to look for them.

Oh I'm sure you'd find me freakish R96 just like I find people you freakish. Hi, my name is Bob and this is my husband Steve: Why would I want to have sex with someone who is self-destructive, reckless and thoughtless? Folsom is a private event.

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No one on DL talks of love ever, yet they obsess over and categorize sexual activities forever. You best have some muscle to wear black leather. I don't have a fetish for it but I look good in it. That fetish is always in style but hard to qualify, ha. Some of you need to expand your minds and live a little. Folks, time to progress.

Frames the chest and shoulders. Unless they are hot R Ugly exhibitionists are forgotten. The fair is outdoors. Sex in tumblr. See more shots at Advocate. R I couldn't agree more. Live and let live. You can't stay in the basement all the time. And the Folsom Street Fair is everything and much more than you would expect it to be. Where are you people coming from? There are a lot of awesome fetish events, dance parties, and nightlife happening throughout the city during Folsom weekend.

Friends have access to more explicit photos. They have one in New York as well? Please do not post photos anywhere without my permission. Its not even Amsterdam, or Berlin. Let people do what they're going to do. This is why people hate gays, keep it behind closed doors. Harm reduction saves lives.

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