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Spoiler alert, the cage never came off during the entire session. Tumblr gif tits. Markie is quite submissive and between the petticoating, hormone treatments and the tattoo on his butt, he definitely looks like a kept househusband. A knee-length dark skirt was next, and a pair of 3? Mistress sat there and quizzed me about slavery.

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He watches the soaps on TV and even carries on just like the stereotypical housewife, even clipping coupons! He reluctantly agreed that a man with a real cock be allowed to father my children, but kept bringing it up as if I would reconsider. Chastity sissy slave tumblr. I gave birth to my first child just ten months after our wedding, and Markie resigned his job to care for my baby.

I had no choice but to accept it, knowing also I needed to please my Wife and reward her hard work — my face revealing the entire time how much I hated it. There would be no more small spoons, I was told to guzzle it — and guzzle it I did as Harley served me. I had been denied for a long time by my Wife. Markie is learning to fully accept that he is simply an inadequate male and was meant to serve a dominant female as a slave.

I had Markie move to the smaller guest bedroom and got him a nice little bed. I am sorry to report that I had an accident with your boy. Hardcore lesbian grinding porn. I pointed out that his tiny prick, which I had kindly fucked over a dozen times in our seven months of courtship, was simply inadequate and good only for self — abuse. Download Forced Womanhood Slaves must share this: Mom fucked pussy tumblr. Markie, of course, was blissfully unaware that I was fucking other men behind his sissy back, and like the very well behaved docile pet she-male that he really is, he totally accepted at face value my incredibly lame, poor excuses for needing to work so late.

However, I would enjoy having absolute control over his little pecker as I suspect he disobeys and plays with himself without permission or supervision. Chastity Femdom Cute Tease. I insisted that he wear only his lingerie around the house, and he now enjoys parading around dressed like a wimp with only the slightest encouragement from me. The exhilarating intoxication of knowing that you are consciously transforming an independent person and making them into, a totally wussy slave and possessing them is just wonderful!

Mistress Ayn was a seasoned professional, warm and welcoming but yet in control and centered you…. This assertiveness is normal and proper for a dominant woman, and Markie is living testimony t o my superiority! I have found that firmly increasing my control over his entire existence has been not only remarkably easy, but also tremendously rewarding! We were right near the end and I misjudged the stimulation and he had an unauthorized orgasm. As we drove along, i gazed out the car window and enjoyed the soft caress of the sun on my shaven, exposed skin.

They took me to the medical room where they placed me in stirrups and proceeded to tie my legs apart and secure me to the table with multiple leather straps. I also removed his bedroom door so that he has no privacy.

Over that were a pair of very nice panties lined with a very aromatic feminine pad. It was like a cleaning at the dentist, but down there between the thighs. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life!

Markie proved tobe a very good cunt licker, though of course his little cock is simply inadequate. Ten naked women. The knockoff from China may have taken a month to arrive, but the quality was similar, so if you want to play around with this device, go the cheap route to avoid major disappointment.

Chastity Strapon Femdom Bdsm.

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Chastity All locked up for us two princesses. Krista ayne nude pics. It can also be viewed on Max Fisch.

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A Brutal Cuckold Fantasy! I hope that more women will assume their natural dominant role, and domesticate and feminize their mates. Of course, the wimp agreed! After several hours of this i was let loose and sent to my room to get cleaned up and put to bed. Chastity sissy slave tumblr. However, his shy personality combined with his insecurity about how to deal with women, provided the fertile ground that I could exploit to completely pussy whip him.

After all, it was my birthday, and I was due something strokes of the cane — post-orgasm — which they reminded me was the worst way to receive the cane. The smell of strong disinfectant filled his nostrils as he lay there, completely powerless, atop the cold, black slab.

My possition at home. He was getting so preposterous and whiny that I told him the marriage was off unless he immediately got a vasectomy as I was tired of his begging.

Chastity Milf Cute Femdom. He also admitted that his pecker was tiny. I had no choice but to accept it, knowing also I needed to please my Wife and reward her hard work — my face revealing the entire time how much I hated it. Even after I told him he was unfit to father any children, let alone mine because of his itty — bitty pecker, he kept wining.

He accepted my dominance more with each date, and at my insistence, learned how to lick and tongue my asshole quite well. Tits and pussy tumblr. Once at my condo, I assumed full command — from feeling him up in the elevator to sitting him on the bed once inside.

To successfully compete, a modern woman must use the same tactics to subjugate her spouse so that he is totally devoted to her and supportive of her goals and focus. With a little forethought, it is easy and quite rewarding.

I immediately began bringing men home to fuck several times a week. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. He watches the soaps on TV and even carries on just like the stereotypical housewife, even clipping coupons! Brother and sister threesome ends with creampie snowball -sex teen hot creampie fuck threesome horny fantasy family sister brother taboo snowball step cream-pie stepsister stepbrother brother-and-sister fucked-up-family cum-in-sister 10 min Indian Sister And Brother - Tumblr voyeur naked wife in kitchen.

Permanent Chaste Cuck 24 min Kebranozes - 2. Foot fetish escorts in mississippi. Because he enjoys looking at girlie magazines so much, I had him decorate all four walls in his bedroom with nudie pictures cut out of his favorite magazines.

He has become a very skilled wife. Lesbian pussy liking videos. Nude bonnie rotten tattoo. I would even be gone overnight, especially on weekends, and he never suspected that I was getting lots of sex on the side from real men. I never tire of reminding him that he will never be permitted to make love to me with his cock, rubbing in his total inadequacy compared to my other men. I told him that he would be the nanny to the children that I would have by other men.

Monday, 12 March I have found that firmly increasing my control over his entire existence has been not only remarkably easy, but also tremendously rewarding! The world's only print magazine dedicated to Forced Feminization fantasies. The hornier that he gets the more obedient and servile he becomes. NiaStone is online now. It was like a cleaning at the dentist, but down there between the thighs. On a recent trip to DC I got an interesting email:

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Chastity Femdom Rimming Office Ass. Feet anal tumblr. In other words, I wanted a traditional wife a grateful and devoted mate who would be, totally dependent on me for financial well-being, take care of all domestic chores, raise my children, and silently bear the constant humiliation of being cuckolded by a philandering spouse. Chastity sissy slave tumblr. Actually, i enjoyed going shopping, but i knew that because i was so easily aroused, my chastised penis would soon be killing me!

All categories Straight Gay Shemale Pornstars. Chastity Pornstar Bound I love. I find the concept of having his little pecker pierced quite entertaining as I would like to exercise more control over his ability to attain his little erections.

I would also like control over his ability to enjoy orgasm, and I wish to have him pierced with a chastity ring attached, but it would have to be secured by some form of lock for which I only have the key. Hairy erotica pics We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the mall, arm-in-arm like real girlfriends. Bdsm Chastity Fetish Lesbian. He hesitantly agreed, and we finished with him wearing a really cute teddy.

The Mistresses were already enjoying and laughing at my predicament… they were just getting started.

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